Happy New Year Friends!


Wishing all my reader friends, both new and those I have known some time, a blessed and most prosperous 2018 New Year! Thank you for partnering with me as I obey God’s call on my life to teach God’s people the riches of His Word as we together grow deeper in our personal relationship to our Savior the Lord Jesus Christ.  We are here to serve one another in the love of Christ and I am committed to helping you move forward with God’s plan for your life in 2018.  Please stay tuned for new developments to unfold throughout this new year.

Prayerfully yours,
David Crews

Author: David Crews Ph.D.

David holds earned, dual Ph.D. Doctorates in both Theology and Philosophy. In addition, he has completed dual Masters degrees in both Biblical and Christian Studies with academic Honors. He has also pursued Post-Doctoral Studies from Oxford University and the London School of Theology in Biblical Archaeology and History. In his teaching, writing and speaking, David helps believers know and experience God personally with rich, indepth, transformative wisdom from God's Word. His goal is to encourage, inspire and equip God's people to live life in relationship with Christ on a whole, new level empowered by the Spirit of God for the sake of others.