A Good Name in Today’s Scandalized Culture


Friends, if you are getting bone weary of all the chronic sexual assault allegations and cringe-worthy stories, coming out every day, you are not alone. The #MeToo campaign is shining a spotlight on widespread misogynistic behavior, ranging from unprofessional to full-scale assault.

As overwhelming as this feels, it pales in comparison to the shattered lives of victims. From Hollywood, to even some religious organizations, sensational scandals are becoming a regular segment in today’s newsfeed.

Indeed, this #MeToo movement is upending many of our institutions. TIME magazine announced “The Silence Breakers” as their 2017 Person of the Year. Oprah Winfrey drew widespread praise for her speech at the Golden Globes earlier this week, proclaiming, “The time is up” for sexual harassers.

Most of this is actually good news. These stories are finally coming out of the dark.

As Christians, we know we cannot separate our morality and ethics from our faith. Additionally, we simply cannot ignore the eye-opening stories of these abused victims, even if we find ourselves mentally numbed by the sheer quantity. The church must lead, not merely follow along, in support of all who have endured abuse, neglect, and injustice. If we don’t we will find ourselves at the mercy of the allegations of certain far-left, extreme-liberal, special interest leaders and groups who are more concerned with getting personal media publicity than for getting true justice for all the victims. We should care.

In light of the darkness, now being revealed, we who follow Christ seek to live our lives “above reproach,” or “above the criticism” of the unchurched in the world. We must abandon this erroneous thinking of”secular/sacred” categories, some would have us fall into, where religion is to be limited to “a privatized pursuit.” Jesus Christ is not only Lord of the church, “He is Lord of all” and His Lordship graciously encompasses our entire life. I don’t have to have a “Praise the Lord” bumper sticker on my car, and drive like Mario Andretti, or rudely bludgeon every sinner I encounter, in order to love God and encourage others to live for Him. Actions speak louder than words.

Truth is, “who” we really are and “what” we really believe is under the bright spotlight of those we work with, those we consider friends and those who cross our paths on a daily basis, “a city on a hill cannot be hidden,” said Christ. Nor, should it be. Clearly, if our faith is not worth living out, it’s not worth having.

The best news is that we are not religiously or slavishly bowing down to a cruel, cosmic, Sovereign Warlord who delights in destroying the lives He created. Our God mercifully humbled Himself, became a Man, in sheer undeserved compassion and love for you and I, to suffer the most atrocious Roman cross for a planet who would just as soon crucify Him to death than tolerate His very existence. Yet, the most phenomenal event in the history of mankind, still continues to boggle the minds of the world’s greatest thinkers, “Why would He die for me? Why….me?”

Considering all that, the very last thing I want to do is bring shame or disgrace to the name of Christ. “Will I make mistakes?” Yes. “Guess what?” So will you. No big surprise there. However, I’m convinced that if we seek true authenticity or “to be real” in today’s scandalized culture, we will not ignore the victims of abuse, nor we will be an accessory to the fact of America’s continuing unraveling of ethics, decency and respect for ourselves, as well as others. If we are going to be “talked about,” let others see us as an “inspirational example,” not the butt of a late night show comic joke.

By the grace of God, I am not interested in ‘hiding in the dark’ with my faith. I am laying my good name and reputation on the line daily in order to serve God and the church, who are, my brothers and sisters around the world. But, I am not alone, so are you. That is why I always sincerely pray for my friends, on a daily, basis, for this very reason.

Thank you kindly for your ongoing prayers that my good name will continue to stay untarnished in a world full of hate from those whose primary desire is to make us Christians look like the hypocrites we are not because, “a good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”

David Crews