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Author: David Crews Ph.D.

As a published author, my first book, "A Comparative Analysis of Theological and Psychological Worldview Perspectives," (Scholar's Press) was released internationally in (2018). My second book, "Union with Christ for Today," followed it's release. Academically, I hold an earned, (Ph.D) Doctorate in Philosophy from Trinity Theological Seminary and also a second, earned Doctorate in Theology (D.Th.) from Andersonville Theological Seminary. In addition, I graduated with honors (4.0) from Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, Illinois, with a Masters of Arts, (M.A.) in Theological Studies. Moreover, I also graduated with honors (4.0) with a second Master's degree, (M.A.) in Christian Studies from Luther Rice University in Atlanta, Georgia. I have recently pursued (Post-Doctoral) studies in Theology, Biblical Archaeology and Ancient History at both Oxford University and the London School of Theology. I have a professional background as a Performing Artist & Vocalist, as music has always been a big part of my life. I enjoy healthy living, exercise, working-out, tennis and coastal recreational activities as a Florida native who has traveled widely. Visit our Facebook Page @ https://www.facebook.com/davidcrewsauthor/