Remember to Not Forget Our Dependence on God


Our busy, stressed, high-tech, Internet, postmodern culture today strongly encourages us think “we are the captains of our fate, the masters of our destiny” (Invictus, William Henley). But, are we? 

How often do we realize our very breath is gift of God? How easy it is to take for granted the obvious. Our very inclination and nature is to let God quietly slip away to the back of our minds. Somehow we begin to think God owes us everything He has freely given us by His undeserved favor.  

Yet, in order to grow in Christ, we must live an “intentional discipleship” (work out our salvation as He has worked it into us) daily. In the beginning of our Christian journey, this can seem a bit daunting, but like learning to do any new thing, as we consistently “practice the presence of God” — it becomes part of us because we are already connected in personal, intimate union with Jesus Christ our Lord and our Savior (Romans 6). 

“May I simply encourage you today to “simplify your Christianity” and get back to being humble, grateful and appreciative to God for the simple gifts that we depend on daily for our survival as humans?”

Things like; safe shelters, healthy food, legs that walk, eyes that see, ears that hear, etc. Yet, go deeper, how about a heart that pursues spiritual growth, holistic healing, Christlike mindset, a special compassion and love for others that only God can give us? But wait….what should we deeply praise God for, most of all? 

How about His unmerited, undeserved, unearned grace and favor He has mercifully extended to us in our personal salvation in Christ? 

What would any of us be without it?

I shutter to think about the consequences of not knowing Him, His love, His Son our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord and what He has done for the whole, unbelieving world of lost souls He died for at the cross. I know clearly God took the initiative to invite us to know Him. We only believe because He has graciously given us “the supernatural gift of faith to believe Him and trust our lives totally to Christ.” 

Let your grateful heart to God be known today by others wherever you go. Share with others what good things God has done, and continues to do, for you. Please make sure you don’t forget to thank God daily for all His good gifts we depend on daily to live, to flourish and to thrive as His beloved people.

We are more dependent on God daily than most of us realize. Live your life everyday with that keen realization. Satisfaction, strength and joy can be found only in Christ