Be a Brave Faith Believer!


Are you ready to begin a brand new walk in faith and boldness toward the life God has planned for you? I don’t know what your next big step in life is….maybe you’re preparing for a move, or changing your job, or starting a new school, or about to launch a new ministry. Maybe you’re facing down a fear, or battling a chronic illness, dealing with martial challenges, frustrated about being single or chasing a dream?

Get inspired, fresh encouragement and emboldened faith by these devotions here from David Crews at this blog! These devotions are small, daily steps and are already changing many lives for anyone searching for a little more faith, courage, and confidence. We get emails all the time from friends telling us how much they mean to them.

What Is Brave Faith? 

For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. — Isaiah 41:13 

Brave Faith. What is it? 

Truth is, there is no formula and there are no rules. There is the Bible, our guidebook for all things, but other than that, being brave is organic and spiritual and a unique journey for each person. 

I won’t be saying, “Here is exactly what courage looks like” or “If you want to really risk in a way that impacts the people around you, do these particular things.” I don’t think that works. I don’t think you need me to tell you what to do. I think you know. (Or if you don’t, you will.) I think you just need a little pregame warm-up. A little something to oomph you along. An understanding of the map you are holding. 

I want to show you that you are braver than you know, and with that knowledge in your back pocket, you can change your world and face your challenges with greater confidence than you have ever before. 

Courage is doing things even when you’re scared. Being brave isn’t something that happens when you’re not scared anymore. 

Brave faith believer people don’t stop hearing the whispers of fear. They hear the whispers but take action anyway. They refuse to be paralyzed by the “What if’s” of worry and anxiety of the unknown, the intimidation the enemy likes to hurl at us to keep us in a place of being stuck where we are rather than moving ahead in strength and confidence. 

Exercising brave faith is hearing that voice of fear in your head, but saying, “Okay, but the truth is, God made me on purpose and for a purpose.” 

I can tell you that the moments of my greatest fears — those times when I was sure I was going to wimp out under the pressure of it all — have also been the open doors to the greatest changes in my life. So I step out, full of fear, but trusting that God is on the other side in new and wonderful ways. And so far? He always is. 

He will be for you too. 

Why Have Brave Faith?
“We can only keep on going, after all, by the power of God, who first saved us and then called us to this holy work. We had nothing to do with it. It was all His idea, a gift prepared for us in Jesus long before we knew anything about it. But we know it now.”
— 2 Timothy 1:8–9 MSG
That’s why we have to start. That’s why we have to go first. That’s why we have to be brave — so that others will be inspired to be brave along with us. 

We can be brave because we were always meant to be a brave faith believer. 

It is scary to be who you’re meant to be. It doesn’t feel easy because it’s not. But we were made for this. Like today’s Scripture says, we have holy work. Why be brave? Because when we’re brave enough to share the God stories in our lives, it changes the people around us. It changes us to share them.

You see, the only faith that makes a real difference, in our world today, is faith that is brave, faith that takes a stand, faith that doesn’t worry about what others think, faith that inspires us to ‘stick out necks out’ for the glory of God, faith that gets up after being knocked down, faith that never ever gives up on God!

Be a Brave Faith Believer: Think back on your day. Where can you see God working on your behalf? Or just showing up for you? Tell somebody. 

* * * * * * * 
Your Turn

Is fear whispering in your ear? If so, the good news is you can act anyway. You don’t have to wait to feel courageous to push ahead. You are stronger than you think. And, you were made to be brave! Exercise the grace God has already given you through His indwelling Holy Spirit in Christ. You don’t have to work it up, just “work it out.” Ask God to help you. He will. You are still trying to live your life in your own limited strength and wisdom and you don’t realize it. But, you must FIRST trust Him and know this is what HE desires for you — to fulfill His purpose and plan through you, as a brave faith believer. If you need additional inspiration, please spend some time to meditate on Hebrews 11. It’s called, “the Hall of Faith–Brave Faith Believers.”  

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