The Power of FOCUS

The Power of FOCUS

“Only ONE thing is really important,” (JESUS) in Luke 10:42.

Have you struggled lately with your focus in the immediate crises we are facing in our world now? The media and internet is bombarding us with 24/7 disturbing news of violence in the streets, angry protesters, argumentative political rhetoric; conservatives versus liberals. Moreover, an ongoing pandemic has shut down and totally upended our lives, our economy and many of our relationships, compounded with social injustice, racial inequality, and unimaginable rioting in major cities. Now new corona virus cases are spiking up in states where many experts said would happen if we aren’t more careful about CDC guidelines. People are worried.

If your focus has been a bit challenged lately, don’t despair, it has affected many others, as well. These are indeed trying times for the best of us.

It’s so easy now to lose sight of what is MOST important in life when our world seems to be spinning totally out of control.

To a highly multi-tasking, distracted, busy and frustrated sister Martha, Jesus said there was only ONE thing really needful, only ONE thing is important, but very few of us operate our lives like that’s true. We find ourselves preoccupied with life’s demands, caught up in some kind of nightmare of worry or frenzied activity we can’t seem to wake up from.

The tyranny of the urgent robs us of the one thing that is most important. What is that one thing that is so important and needful?

Mary shows us in a story of her encounter with Jesus in (Luke 10:38-42). It’s a common story descriptive of our own lives. Two sisters, Mary and Martha and their brother, Lazarus, friends of Jesus, are offering hospitality to their friend in His ministry as they host Jesus in their home. Luke tells us that Mary is “sitting at Jesus feet and listening to Him teach.” in (verse 39).

Imagine that moment Mary was enjoying with Jesus. She is soaking in His presence and His words. She listened attentively and was the only one who seemed to have insight into His death. She would later anoint Him with expensive perfume that Jesus said she did in preparation of His burial in (John 12:7). That kind of spiritual insight comes when we do the one thing that is important, when we sit at our Savior’s feet and listen.

The one thing that is important in our lives is the presence of God. It’s the one thing that is needful. We need God. God designed us that way, and we are dysfunctional without Him.

Have you found yourself, like Mary’s sister, Martha, so busy with life’s demands that you are running on empty? You are so distracted by everything that is happening around that you are missing the joy of the One in front of You, within you. Maybe you’re just too busy. Stop! Don’t miss the presence of God in your zeal to serve Him. Hear the loving rebuke Jesus gave to Martha, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and upset about many things. Only one thing is important. Mary has chosen the better thing, and it will never be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41-42).

Today, do the one thing that is important, the most critical part of our earthly lives; our personal communion with God in Christ. Put everything on a pause for a few moments. Be still. Sit and listen as you spend time with God in the pages of His Word. Then, like Mary, act on the spiritual insight you gain in His presence. There is awesome POWER in the ONE thing most important; a singular, humble FOCUS on our Lord Jesus Christ, through quality time meditating/studying His Word and in prayer. That’s “the good part” Jesus said won’t be taken away from you, Mary also enjoyed when she made time for Jesus by sitting at His feet focused on Him. You can too.