A Good Read: Here’s Hope for the Summer & Beyond!

Summer is a great time to start reading your Bible again. Get an easy to read Study Bible (like the NLT Life Application translation) to help you understand and apply God’s wisdom to anything you are facing now in your life.

NEW STUDY The ABS Society: July 2021
“A Good Read: Here’s HOPE!”

A new study suggests reading the Bible is good for you in more ways than one. In fact, one of the coolest findings confirms that “the more you read the Bible the more you enjoy the Bible.” The reason why? This Book gives us HOPE like no other book in the world!

According to the State of the Bible survey by the American Bible Society (ABS) (July 2021), people who read the Bible multiple times weekly and say that it positively impacts their daily lives experienced more stress and anxiety in 2020 than others. They had more of something else: HOPE, the most precious commodity in the entire civilized world today. Especially, in light of all the recent tumultuous events from Covid, political and civil unrest, economic and environmental threats, and unprecedented spikes in crime and violence worldwide.

“A strong relationship to the Bible often coexists with—and could even be compelled by—the hardships of life,” says the study. Hurt and hardships, healing and hope: they all seem to be woven together in the lives of people who keep the pages of Scripture close.

When we’re struggling or suffering, sometimes the last thing we want to do is read anything at all, much less words that may challenge or convict us. But personal experiences and data both remind us that the Bible does not merely call us out. It lifts us up when we are low. It has helped millions of people, just like you and I, over thousands of years. It’s a powerful Book, unlike any other Book in history. It gives us HOPE no matter what we are facing.

The Bible is the only Book that can boast of the Author’s presence when you read it. It’s a supernatural book that not merely ‘informs but transforms’ our lives the more we engage with it and live it out in practical ways daily.
Next time you find yourself feeling weak, heartbroken, or exhausted, remember: it’s okay. You’re allowed to be. God is your strength, your Comforter, and your resting place.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand what God is trying to say to you before you read it. Keep a notebook handy or a diary to record the thoughts you receive as you meditate on it.

Remember, the Bible is the BEST selling Book of all time, but it won’t add any value to your life sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Let God teach you the awesome truths to bless your life as you read His Word to you every day. So, do something GOOD for yourself today; pick up His Word and take it in your heart. You’ll find your attitude and outlook on life filled with HOPE!