Praying for America in Light of Recent School Shootings

Friends, sadly there have been over 200 mass shootings, as of June 2022 in America. The shattered families and destruction in it’s devastating wake cannot be measured in lost lives alone. While the political debate about Gun Reform continues, there is no question that GOD is still our only hope to bring peace to our land. Yet, until the hearts of men and women are changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, there will be hate, warfare and violence. He is called “the Prince of Peace” for good reason. He has transformed the lives of millions since He died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead 2000 years ago! Please understand; your prayers matter because God is listening! God cares and nothing is impossible for Him. Don’t lose heart. Don’t capitulate to the cynics who doubt God hears us. God is Sovereign and BETTER days are ahead. Please continue praying and you will indeed see the glory of God!