Two New Books Available on Amazon

We would like to introduce you to our first two published books on Amazon, “Union with Christ for Today” and “A Comparative Analysis of Theological & Psychological Worldview Perspectives.” We have received many requests to explore a list of hot topics many today consider most practical including, but not limited to; relationships, spiritual growth, hope for the future, sex, marriage and divorce, violence, suicide, death, the afterlife, salvation in Christ, women in ministry and leadership, covenants in the Bible, Catholics, Protestants and other groups, the new age movement, the occult today, raising children in a challenging culture, heaven and hell, the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts, end days and last days prophetic teachings and why we need the church, to name a few. Stay tuned, we are actively creating these resources as we speak and will let you know when they hit the presses and become available for you (some will be FREE resources).

Union with Christ for Today

A provocative, yet practical look at what it means to be “in Christ” connected to Him in the mystery, beauty and power of oneness most believers today hardly consider though it’s the Apostle Paul’s central tenet of the Christian faith.

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A Comparative Analysis of Theological & Psychological Worldviews

A growing number of pastors and church leaders today feel somewhat inadequate when counseling individuals suffering with deep troubling emotional problems impacting their lives. Yet, there has been an explosive growth in the secular counseling industry based on naturalistic philosophies. This indepth book critically researches what selected, leading theologians and noted psychologists have written and taught about the emotional and spiritual nature of man as it relates to the various problems it can encounter. It is a most interesting study to compare their findings to see if any of either’s analysis can be integrated or, if not, disregarded as conflicting with the truth of God’s Word.

If you are involved in a counseling ministry, in any capacity, or a leader in the church, we highly suggest you take a look at this book. It may open your eyes.

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